Treeline is meeting at Washtenaw Community College this week (4/28)

What to
at Treeline Church

You are welcome Here.


If you haven’t joined us in person yet, we would love to have you join us on a Sunday! We currently have one service that starts at 10:30am and runs around an hour and fifteen minutes. Feel free to come a few minutes early to grab a free cup of coffee, meet a few new friends and grab a seat. 

Our Sunday services usually start and end with live worship music and a full band. We have a mixture of modern worship music as well as some historic hymns. One of our pastors will teach through a passage of scripture in a way that is clear, applicable to our lives, and helps us all see Jesus more clearly. We celebrate communion every other week and often have times of prayer and personal reflection.


We are all about the next generation - including the youngest in our midst! If you are the parent of an infant through second grader, we’d love to invite you to check out Treeline Kids. Our trained volunteers will be excited to greet your child as you check them in on your way to service. We'll provide a fun, safe, age-appropriate environment where children can learn about Jesus and the hope of the Gospel in developmentally appropriate ways.


Since Jesus is the most approachable person in the world, we hope to be the same kind of community. Similar to our city, Treeline is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and home to people from every kind of story. No worries about dressing up or wondering whether you will fit in.

We think you’ll quickly feel at home here.